CAD is the abbreviation for Computer Aided Design, which means to construct with the help of computers and special software.

At Rime there is a CAD department to produce professional drawings and production documentation for all orders we receive.

With our modern CAD software, our possibilities are not limited to the production of drawings. We can also create 3D models, calculate complex adapters and check workpieces for their production capability before they are taken into production.

The CAD department also creates the CNC programs, whereby the dimensions are transferred from the CAD drawings into a programming language which can then be read by our machines. The programmer is supported by the programming software. Commands such as "Switch on laser cutting head" etc. are added fully automatically by the CAD software.

After completion, the CNC programs are copied to the computer of the respective machine, where the program is then processed fully automatically. By entering quantities, the programmed part can be reproduced as often as required and with the same output quality and within the same tolerances.

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