XAR - eXtra Abrasion Resistant Steel

XAR (eXtra Abrasion Resistant) steel has a high degree of hardness and is used for problems with wear and abrasion. This steel is produced at ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe.

The special chemical composition of XAR® steels and their tempering reduces wear to a minimum, which significantly extends the product's durability. With thicknesses from 3 to 100 mm, this steel is used particularly in mining, steel works technology or cement works.

This steel is available in different variants. These differ in sheet thickness and Brinell hardness (HBW). Optimum wear resistance is achieved by the special alloy of Niobium and Chromium. The Niobium micro-alloy ensures wear resistance in the case of impact stress or cold forming.

The Processing

Due to the composition of the wear-resistant steels, machining processes with these metallic structures are generally difficult. In principle, thermal cutting is possible as well. For this purpose, oxyfuel flame cutting, laser cutting or plasma cutting can be considered.

The steels are also characterized by good weldability. All common welding methods can be used. Stick welding as well as MAG welding proved to be particularly good.

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