Computer Science

If your image of a computer scientist is a nerd in a checked shirt with horn-rimmed glasses, who sits in front of a computer all day and never sees the sun, then you need a radical rethink because those days are long gone!

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine a world without computer science. There is hardly a sector that can still manage without IT-controlled systems and machines, and today it is still gaining increasing importance. IT specialists are more in demand than ever before.

Have you been considering taking a degree course in computer science? Do you have a passion for computers and mathematics but want to put your knowledge into practice? Then a dual study programme in computer science at Rime is just the thing for you!

As a prospective IT specialist, you will be given a wide range of opportunities at Rime and create systems for our internal processes.

These are the course contents you can expect

In the first semesters

  • The fundamentals of programming and working with computer networks
  • Mathematics (algebra, analysis, logic, stochastics)
  • Software development, IT systems, computer engineering

In the advanced semesters

  • Consolidation in sub-disciplines (e.g. software engineering)
  • More complex tasks
  • Integral transforms, probability theory, statistics
  • Operating systems, networks, algorithms and data structures
  • Additional foreign language qualifications
  • Specialisation of your choice (e.g. computer engineering, robotics)

The course is being offered by the Saxony University of Cooperative Education in Dresden and Leipzig .

Course requirements

A course in computer science is the right choice for you if you are inspired by mathematical problems and logical thinking, have possibly taken maths as one of your major subjects in your senior school leaving certificate and count computers among your hobbies. You should also be able to work well in a team and have good communication skills, in order to explain complex workflows, for example.

You may apply for the course if you fulfil one of the following entrance criteria:

  • Senior school leaving certificate (with an average mark of 3.0)
  • or a simplified access for master craftsmen and those with
    professional qualifications but without the senior school leaving certificate

If you are interested in applying for the computer science course with us, you can send in your application documents by email or simply use the application form our homepage.

If you are interested in studying computer science in our company, you are welcome to send your application documents by email!

Apply now!

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