Three-Point Bending

The plate metal which has to be bent is placed on the die in the same way as it is placed on the free bending, so that the material touches the lower tool only at the two upper edges. The lowering process is also similar to that of free bending, except that the punch is lowered until the plate metal touches the centre of the die (at the 3rd point). If the lower tool is equipped with an adjustable counter-holder, different angles can be bent without changing the tool. These tools are very expensive to purchase and are only used by a few manufacturers.

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Bending Film

With bending film, high-quality plate metal can be bent without scratching the surface.

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Bending with embossing

Bending with embossing is a process where plate metals are completely pressed into the die with great force.

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Bump-bending or step-bending is a CNC-controlled bending process in which plate metals are bent step by step to the desired radius.

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