Impulse Arc Welding

This type of arc welding is used for all sheet thicknesses. It is welded with the use of argon-rich mixed gases. This welding process is used rather in the medium power range. In this case, a pulse current is applied over the base current.

It is possible to control the droplet intensity during welding, depending on the requirements. This results in a short circuit free, with the minimal formation of splashes and an even, fine droplet transition of the materials.

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Argon is a noble gas and hardly reacts with other elements. For this reason argon is particularly suitable as a shielding gas for MIG/TIG welding.

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Demmeler 3D welding tables

In order to weld complex assemblies perfectly, the components are fixed on the Demmeler table.

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Electric arc welding

Welding processes that melt materials using an electric arc are known as arc-welding.

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