Demmeler 3D Welding Table

A Demmler table is a modular clamping system for welding assemblies. With a Demmeler table, workpieces can be clamped quickly and accurately for the welding process.


The advantages are manifold. The tables have a regular grid of slots in which suitable clamping elements can be fixed. This is particularly advantageous in series production. The table only has to be adapted to the workpiece once. Afterwards, each additional part can be fixed within a very short time.

Even parts with complex shapes can be fixed to the table quickly. Matching this system, there are stops, clamping angles, screw clamps and assembly lifting forks that make welding much easier.

With modern Demmeler tables, some of the worktops can be tilted up to 180° and also freely rotated. This has the advantage that the welder can always weld in the favourable tray position (PA/PB).

By using Demmeler clamping technology, processing times can be reduced to a minimum during welding and efficiency will increase significantly.

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