In barreling, work pieces are cleaned of dirt and burrs by the use of abrasive blocks. For this purpose, a large quantity of these bodies is placed in a drum together with the work pieces and are vibrated for a certain amount of time.

The vibration causes that the workpieces glide along the abrasives. Due to the fact that the grinding process is carried out with little force, it can take up to several hours until the desired result is achieved.

There is a huge selection of different abrasives. They are available in different sizes, shapes and roughness grades. The surface quality can be compared to sandpaper. They are available in plastic or ceramic. Plastic abrasives are a little more gentle, but are not as durable as the ceramic ones.

The correct choice must be made with regard to size, material and work piece weight. The processing time also plays an important role. The longer the work pieces are treated in the barrel finishing machine, the more material is lost. For this reason, the grinding result must be visually checked on a regularly base.

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