Circular Blanks and Measuring Reflectors

Circular metal discs are also called circular blanks. In relation to their diameter, they have a low height. Depending on the intended use, circular blanks can be made of different metals, whereby the choice of material depends on the subsequent use. The most commonly used circular blanks are made of steel, rustproof steel and aluminium.


We offer circular blanks as stamped parts up to a diameter of 70 mm. If you need larger circular blanks, we can produce them individually according to your specifications by laser cutting.


The possible applications are versatile. Whether as an end piece on a pipe, as a manhole cover, as a washer for screw connections or as a spacer between two components. Circular blanks are used in a wide variety of applications.

In various branches of industry, circular blanks are only a semi-finished product and are further processed, e.g. by deep drawing or other methods.

Measuring reflectors in road construction

Circular blanks made of steel and aluminium are used as measuring reflectors in road construction. This makes it possible to measure the thickness of material layers non-destructively. For this purpose, the measuring reflectors have to be laid during the layer construction. The thickness of the layer can then be measured with the help of an electromagnetic field, as the circular blanks react to the magnetic field and thus the layer thickness can be calculated.