Trowalizing is another term for barrelling. This term has its origin in the Walther Trowal company, where the barrel finishing process was first used. Trowalizing is used to deburr workpieces or to remove dirt, grease or scale from their surfaces.

How it works

A vibratory grinding machine is a large steel tank which is set into vibration with the help of an electric motor. Abrasives of different sizes are placed in the steel tank, which are mixed with a cleaning agent. The parts are put into this mixture. By oscillating movements of the tank the metal parts slide along the abrasives. A low amplitude of the vibrating movement prevents the interlocking or colliding of individual workpieces.

The longer the workpieces are processed in the tank, the more material is removed from the surfaces. The grinding process must be checked regularly to achieve the correct degree of processing.

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In barrelling, burrs and impurities are removed from the workpieces by means of abrasives.

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